Theree Apartments

Even Sims 3 has been officially released, and has got millions of fans, I still love my dear dear Sims 2 (L)

I have started to make this building a month ago, but couldn't find the right time to publish.
Every unit contains a living space, including living room and kitchen, a bathroom and 2 bedrooms.Backyard is totally useless, never think about it.Enjoy!

Required Packs: Nightlife, Open For Business, Bon Voyage, Apartment Life

How to use it as an apartment;

-Enter the cheat: changelotzoning apartmentbase
-Exit to the hood
-Enter again
*If you like to make some changes you can enter the cheat changelotzoning residential.Then you should repeat 2nd and 3rd steps.


lirunchik said...

Oh my gosh, this is a wonderful apartment!!! You've done really great on this one, love your designs! It's a honour for me that you've used my windows set, thanks a bunch! <3 Thank you honey! Hugs,~Marina

raj mangal said...

You've done absolutely abundant on this one, adulation your designs! It's a honour for me that you've acclimated my windows set, acknowledgment a bunch! miami beach luxury condos

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